Food Inflammation Test

So you’ve decided to improve your health and drastically clean up your diet. But for some reason, the diet doesn’t seem to be going as well as you thought. Yeah you’e feeling improved however even with a clean diet and eating healthy foods, you’re still experiencing aches and pain, maybe you’re still fatigued, having anxiety/depression, bloating or having abdominal pain. That’s what happened to me too. After I cleaned up my eating a while back I was still experiencing some of those symptoms. After taking the KBMO FIT test I found out some of the healthy foods I was eating were causing my body to have inflammatory reactions not too different than when your body fights an invading organism such as a virus or bacteria. The KBMO FIT test allowed me to eliminate the specific “healthy” foods causing the inflammatory immune reaction and focus my nutrition on the foods that could actually help me reach my health goals.

Will Testing Help You?

Many people with normal diets that eat otherwise healthy foods suffer uncomfortable symptoms such as a headache, stomach ache, eczema or other problems. Many times these symptoms are precipitated by eating foods that actually cause food sensitivity. People suffering from food sensitivities rarely make a connection with specific foods so the underlying symptoms continue to be unresolved. In addition, diets are generally maintained so the current symptoms remain while new symptoms emerge over time. The net result is that people needlessly endure years of chronic illness: arthritis, asthma, migraines, cluster headaches, bowel problems, eczema, fatigue, heartburn and hyperactivity without knowing that food sensitivities cause, or contribute to, many of these conditions. People experiencing these symptoms may consider being tested for food sensitivities. Almost any food can cause a food sensitivity but many factors, especially genetics, control the actual immune response and the types of foods causing the food sensitivity to vary from person to person. The FIT Tests screens up to 132 foods and food additives that are common in most diets. Screening enables identification of the food sensitivities for each individual so that the “problem” foods can be eliminated from diet. Diet management is the key to alleviating food sensitivities.

At our office we use the KBMO’s FIT (Food Inflammation Test) as one of our tools in assessing your health. Specifically, we are looking for foods that cause an inflammatory reaction in your body. The FIT test is a patented, multi-pathway delayed food sensitivity test. This new technology measures both IgG and Immune Complexes, the most common food-related pathways in the body.

The Foods We Test

We measure the following 132 foods and food additives including Candida:

FIT Test Results

Each person is sensitive to different foods, colorings or additives. Below is an Example of what the FIT test results look like. The results of this test will help us create a more ideal nutrition program specific to you and your needs

The KBMO FIT Test takes a pin-prick blood sample from your finger and can be done in the office in about 5-minutes. Results are usually in within 14 days.

Take the mystery out of your meal plan!

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The KBMO FIT Test is manufactured in an FDA regulated facility. Under FDA guidelines KBMO FIT Test is an LDT test which is Lab Developed Test. Running the test falls under CLIA guidelines which is then the validation KBMO Diagnostics has to run this test in a CLIA High Complexity Lab. KBMO Diagnostics also has ISO 13485 and have been approved by COFEPRIS in Mexico and are undergoing AMVISA in Brazil and going thru the Chinese FDA