In a recent study published in Global Spine Journal (GSJ) on July 7, 2020 confirms that most cases of herniated disc are best addressed by “conservative treatments” as opposed to surgical intervention such as micro-discectomy.

The study examined the treatment records of 277,941 adult patients during a 10 year period (2007-2017) with an initial lumbar (lower back) herniated disc. Theses patients were divided into 2-groups. The first was a group of patients successfully treated with non-surgical therapy. The second group were patients that failed a conservative treatment plan and underwent micro-discectomy surgery.

Of the 277,941 patients included in this study, 269,713 (97%) of them were successfully treatment with conservative care and only 8,228 (3%) failed with conservative treatment and underwent lumbar micro-discectomy.

The results of this study of nearly 300,000 lumbar herniated disc patients suggests that patients are successfully manage through conservative management while a small subset required surgical intervention.

Now you have to ask the question, in the world of healthcare, what exactly is conservative care? Conservative care is anything non-surgical which is largely chiropractic care & physiotherapy.

So maybe those old-time chiropractors were right when they said…Chiropractic First, Drugs Second, Surgery Last.

To your health!

Reference: Lilly,Davison, An Assessment of Nonoperative Management Strategies in a Herniated Lumbar Disc Population: Successes Versus Failures; Global Spine J, July 7, 2020.


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