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Dr. Todd Narson is the ONLY recognized chiropractic sports medicine specialist in Miami-Dade County

Drs. Todd & Corey Narson are both active in the Florida Chiropractic Association (F.C.A.), and the F.C.A.’s Council on Sports Injuries, Physical Fitness & Rehabilitation and are members of the local Miami Dade County Chiropractic Society. Over the past 20+ years, both doctors Narson have been involved with the care of athletes at Professional, Pro-AM, Olympic & Pan-American levels and have worked with many other International sporting events (and the local little leagues too!!!). If you’re looking for a chiropractor to treat your sports injuries, Dr. Todd Narson is the ONLY chiropractic sports medicine specialist in Miami-Dade County!

“We use our knowledge & education in sports medicine to help every patient, not just the athletes”. This is a big benefit to the patient as sports medicine is on the cutting edge when it comes to diagnosis, treatment, therapy and rehab. Especially if you lead an active life! The doctors evaluate their patient’s injuries and conditions just like they were the Olympic gold medalist, regardless if they are a housewife, a grandmother, a student or a professional athlete. All patients deserve the best, and they give it!

Just minutes from anywhere in Miami Beach, our office is located in the iconic “Giller Building” just off I-195 on the North East corner of Alton Road and 41st Street (Arthur Godfrey Road). We are 1-block West of Starbucks Coffee. Our office has an atmosphere that you will find warm, friendly, professional and a place where you can simply relax and get well.


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Sports Injuries

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Known as “Miami Beach’s Chiropractors”, Drs. Todd & Corey Narson are a Husband & Wife chiropractic “team” who continue giving their patient’s the personal attention that has been lost in today’s health care atmosphere. “We feel our patients get excellent results simply because we care”.

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Chiropractor in Miami Beach, FL

Their Mission Is Simple….

….Dr Narson helps you achieve great results by combining traditional chiropractic care, sports medicine, physiotherapy, exercise rehabilitation, Graston Technique® , FAKTR, massage, professional stretch therapy & nutrition.

But don’t just take their word for it, listen to others that have experienced their services:

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Basso Ludovico
Basso Ludovico
November 28, 2023
Five stars for sure. It is already 10years that Dr Todd make sure that I have perfect neck and back. I am a professional athlete and he was always able to fix my injuries or give me the right balance again. Extremely professional and very knowledgeable doctor.
Domenico Luisi
Domenico Luisi
July 30, 2023
Simply put, the best chiropractor I have experienced in south Florida.
Rick Garcia
Rick Garcia
July 24, 2023
I visited Dr. Narson’s office with moderate pain in my left forearm near my elbow and right thigh that I had been experiencing for over a month. Prior to visiting his office, I have tried to alleviate the discomfort on my own with a hypervolt, stretching and foam rolling. Nothing was working. Walking into his office, you feel right at home with his warm, attentive staff. Everyone was so friendly. After an in-depth review of my health history and evaluation of my nagging injuries, he determined they were mild strains that could be treated. Dr. Narson explained the techniques and technology he would be using to get me back to lifting weights again. He used the Graston technique on both areas as well as electro therapy, which I’ve never experienced. I have been seen by several chiropractors in the past with various injuries, however, Dr. Narson is not your typical chiropractor. He truly is dedicated to his craft and keeping up with the latest techniques and technologies to better serve his patients. Within 24 hours of my visit, I felt a noticeable difference. Four days have passed and I’m almost 100% pain free. I’ve resumed lifting weights with pain-free ranges of motions at my elbow and knee. I trust and wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Narson and his team of professionals to take the greatest care of you and your family. Look no further, Dr. Narson will treat your injury, get you back to being pain-free and being active.
Maxwell Masood
Maxwell Masood
July 19, 2023
Dr. Todd Narson is an amazing and detailed chiropractor. I’m also a chiropractor and seeker out Dr. Narson’s help. He asked thorough question and his exam led to a precise diagnosis. His adjustments were spot on and legendary. If you’re having disc pain or neck pain, I wouldn’t recommend another chiropractor in Miami Beach. He’s the real deal
Olga Pinilla
Olga Pinilla
March 10, 2023
He is the best orthopedic doctor I have ever met in my entire life, I relieved a pain in my neck, thank you very much.
Kasim Dubur
Kasim Dubur
October 4, 2022
A++ Super~awesome experience & establishment~going on 30 years serving Miami Beach kudos & 100% recommended. I'll be back t.y.🤸‍♂️
Yanira Method
Yanira Method
October 2, 2022
Dr. Narson and his staff are amazing! I was suffering from severe debilitating pain for the past three years. My quality of life was severely impacted. I would be bedridden for days at a time with no relief in sight. I went to several specialists and they couldn't figure out what was the source of the pain. All my test results looked normal. I tried everything humanly possible to heal, but nothing was working. I started to believe that I would have to learn to live with my pain. Then Dr. Narson was able to pinpoint what was causing all my pain. After 3 visits I began to experience tremendous relief. For the first time in 3 years, I'm starting to feel normal again. I'm able to function again. I still have to undergo more treatments and hope to get my health fully back. I'm deeply grateful for the compassion, expertise, and care Dr. Narson and his team provide. They listen and do everything in their power to help you heal. They are truly the best!
Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee
May 27, 2022
Dr Narson helped me with a knee injury I had been suffering with for over 4 years. I feared I would need surgery and after a months worth of treatments I’m beyond ecstatic to say that it’s completely better! I’m amazed and beyond appreciative to be able to use my knee fully in all my workouts and sports activities. Not to mention everyone in his entire office couldn’t be nicer and more genuine.
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